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March 1, 2023 The Longville Lakes Area Snowmobile Club's older groomer caught fire while grooming on January 9th. In efforts to help raise money for a new groomer, the club has started a GoFundMe page -->

(Insert from the GoFundMe Page)

This fundraiser is on behalf of the Longville Lakes Area Snowmobile Club. This organization is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Recently the Club lost one of our two trail groomers to a fire while grooming. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the ASV groomer itself was a total loss. With that loss, we are now at 50% capacity to groom our 80 miles of trails efficiently (twice a week) located in North Central Minnesota. We need to replace the 1998 ASV groomer. An insurance claim is pending with an expected total loss value of $15,000, far short of our goal. We are looking at both new and used equipment that will serve the club best for grooming and trail maintenance capabilities. Like so many other costs new or used equipment has more than doubled since we paid $78,000 for the ASV. Our present estimate to replace with something similar is at least $225,000. The Club hopes to raise funds in time to be ready for the 2023-2024 season. Our plan is to raise 1/3 of the cost from Go Fund Me contributions, 1/3 with local government grants, and 1/3 from club savings over the last 45 years. Your help is gratefully acknowledged.

Notes: Snow in cab was thrown in to put out the fire. (Lesson learned - have fire extinguishers readily available instead of behind the seats).

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