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A new Video Series featuring Levi LaVallee & Family

Welcome to Livin LaVallee! A series featuring Professional Snowmobiler, Levi LaVallee and Family (wife, Kristen and their kids, Liv + Lavin). Over the past 20+ years we've been writing this story and are creating a new chapter in the LaVallee book, and we like to call it Livin LaVallee. If you flip back to the beginning, it'd be when Levi wrote a report of how he wanted to be a Professional Snowmobiler when he was in 4th grade, to flipping forward to him becoming that professional he dreamed of, to meeting his wife at a snowmobile race, to earning multiple medals in multiple snowmobile disciples at the Winter X Games, to honing the title Snocross Champion, to being known as a fan favorite, to holding world records, and to flipping his snowmobile in city streets. And as far as timing goes ... now feels right, it feels good to be able to go full circle back to where it all started - just riding snowmobile for fun. And we are going to capture it all, as we put fun at the front.

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