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Winter X Games Fourteen – Twice as Nice.


Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado was the home of this years Winter X Games Fourteen. If you remember last year, Levi caused a lot of hype with the only snowmobile athlete competing in all 4 snowmobile events and also being the first person to attempt a Double Back Flip on a Snowmobile. At this years Games, Levi put the Double Back Flip on hold and concentrated his attention across four different snowmobile events. Levi was the only snowmobile athlete to compete in 4 Winter X Games Events; Snowmobile Freestyle, Snowmobile Best Trick, Snowmobile Snocross and a new event this year, Snowmobile Knock Out.

The Results: Snowmobile Freestyle. A total of 12 riders competed in this years Freestyle Event and with new riders and a lot of new tricks, the competition was going to be tough. Fortunately, Levi had an awesome qualifying round and going into the Final, Levi found himself tied for 2nd place. In the Final, Levi pulled out the best tricks in his bag. With time running out and in high excitement Levi pulled a BackFlip Seat Grab and his hands missed his seat and he plunged to the ground. With a broken sled, Levi was eliminated from the Final.

Snowmobile Best Trick. This is an event where 8 riders get 2 chances to beat their competitors with one, Best Trick. Last year Levi attempted the unthinkable, a Double Back Flip on a Snowmobile. With still suffering from an injury he acquired last summer, Levi knew the Double Back Flip was out of the question this year. Instead, he pulled a Back Flip Superman. With full extension and a great, clean landing – Levi took home a Bronze Medal.


SnoCross. Levi has had bad luck with SnoCross at the Winter X Games in the past and each year he tries to redeem himself and get into the top spot. With qualifying in the 5th spot in the First Round, Levi was able to skip the Last Chance Qualifyer and go directly to the final. With a bad start in the final, Levi found him-self sitting in the 11th place position. With the new Talladega Turn added to the track, Levi was taking the high-line in the turn and was passing a guy each lap. Then 6 laps in, Levi’s ski hooked off the top of the Talladega Turn and caused him and his sled to come crashing down and ending his SnoCross Final.

Snowmobile Knock Out. A brand new event at Winter X Games 14 involved 6 riders and the simple concept of hitting a ramp, flying through the air and trying to out jump your competitor. This event was right up Levi’s alley. With a need for speed, the love of hitting ramps and the desire to fly through the air, Levi was able to out-jump all of the riders one-by-one and took home the Gold.

Winter X Games Highlights • 2010: Only athlete to medal in all snowmobile events • 2009: First double backflip attempt on a snowmobile • 2008: Male Athlete of Winter X Games • 2008: Double Golds: Freestyle and Speed & Style

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