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Team LaVallee’s Adam Peterson Earns 2nd Place and Lieders Wins in Elk River 🏁

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - With the cancellation of the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Snocross, Rounds 12 and 13 were shifted to the next stop on the National Snocross Series at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. The unseasonably warm winter has been a challenge for most all of the stops this season, but the crew at ERX Motor Park were able to make a very impressive track for the two-day National.

Round 12 Triple Crown Round 1

To kick things off on Friday, in Triple Crown Round 1, a stacked field of Pro riders lined up and were ready to put on a great show in Elk River. Through qualifying, Peterson and Bester were able to earn themselves great gate picks in the front row. As the green light went for the first Triple Crown race of the evening, Peterson ripped out of the gates and came into the first corner in the 4th place spot and Bester in 12th. At about the halfway point of the 7 minute plus 1 lap final, Peterson found a super fast line, tripling up the front stretch and gained huge momentum, taking over the 3rd place spot and within the next lap, up to the 2nd place spot. With 2 minutes left the go, Peterson was charging hard for the first place spot. As the checkered flags flew; Peterson finished out in the exciting 2nd place spot and Bester rounded out in the 13th.

Injury Report: During Round 1, Bester had unfortunate contact from another riders sled, and after an onsite X-Ray from the FXR Mobile Medical team, it was determined that Bester had a broken fibula, ending his weekend and season early in Elk River. We are wishing Ryley a speedy recovery and to come back even stronger next season!

Triple Crown Round 2

As the sleds lined up for Triple Crown Round 2, Peterson had a nice front row gate pick with taking second place in Round 1. As the green light went for Round 2, Peterson shot out of the gate and was within the top 4 after the first corner. At about the half way point, Peterson passed up to the 3rd place spot and was riding very strong and consistent on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled. As the white flag flew for the last lap of the 7 minute plus one lap final, Peterson continued to charge and crossed the finish line inches behind the 2nd place rider, finished out in the excellent 3rd place spot.

Triple Crown Round 3

For the final race of the night;  Peterson came into the race sitting in second place in the Triple Crown points. Off of the start of the line, Peterson ripped out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled (earning the Stud Boy Holeshot) and with a mis-judge going into the first corner, Peterson went off-track and after safely reentering the race, Peterson was pushed back to the 8th place spot. As the pressure was heating up, the race clock was winding down. Peterson continued to dig deep and search for fast lines and consistent lap times. As the checked flags flew, Peterson was able to gain one position, finishing out in the 7th place spot and was still able to earn a low enough score for an amazing 2nd place finish overall! This marked Peterson’s first Pro podium of the season. Congratulations Adam on your 2nd place finish!

Pro Round 12 Overall: Peterson 2nd and Bester (DNF)

Saturday Round 13 Triple Crown Round 1

After a podium finish from the day before, Peterson was eager for similar results for Day 2 in Elk River and started things off with a bang, qualifying first for Pro Triple Crown Round 1, with earning the fastest lap time amongst the field. As the green light went for the first Pro race on Saturday, Peterson ripped out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled, earned the Stud Boy Holeshot award, came out into the first place spot and was dicing back and forth between first and second. At about the halfway point, Peterson continued to press hard but a couple riders were able to pass by. Peterson continued to put on pressure to stay within the top 5 and was able to finish in the excellent 4th place spot in Round 1.

Triple Crown Round 2

Lining up in the front row of Round 2, Peterson had a great start off of the line and came out in the 4th place spot amongst the stacked field and within the first couple laps was pushed back to the 6th place spot. With about two and half minutes left of the 7 minute plus one lap final, Peterson made his way past another rider into the 5th place spot and after small bobble, Peterson fell back one position finishing out Round 2 in the 6th place spot.

Triple Crown Round 3

For the final race of the night in Elk River, Peterson had the 5th place front row gate pick. As the green light went, Peterson came ripping off of the line on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled and was sitting in the exciting 3rd place. As the clock was ticking in the short race of 7 minutes plus 1 lap, Peterson fell back to then 6th place spot. With two laps left to go, Peterson put his head down and road incredibly smart and smooth, finding fast lines and was able maintain the 6th place spot, rounding out his weekend in Elk River with 5th place overall in Round 13.

Pro Round 13 Overall: Peterson 5th

Saturday, PRO AM PLUS 30 - ROUND 8

PRO AM Plus rider, Andy Lieders, had a stacked weekend ahead of him with signing up for the Pro AM Plus 30 Class on Saturday and for Friday, running in the Pro Lite Class. To kick off the weekend in the Pro Lite class, Lieders took 6th in Round 1, an impressive 3rd in Round 2, and was able to make it into the front row for the Pro Lite Final. Under the lights Friday night, Lieders ripped out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris sled and was pushed out towards the back of the pack. As the stacked 15-rider Pro Lite final was underway, Lieders ended up pulling off and ending the night early in Pro Lite, to get ready for Pro Plus AM the following day.

On Saturday, in the Pro AM Class in Elk River, Lieders was looking for a podium repeat from the previous race win in Sioux Falls. Lieders started off the day strong with taking a 1st and 2nd in his Pro AM Plus 30 Qualifying rounds and was the 2nd place qualifier for the final. As the green light went for the final; Lieders ripped out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris snowmobile and was sitting in the second place spot, but was not in second for long as an early pass put Lieders in the first place position. As the race continued to press on, Lieders rode incredibly smooth and consistent. As the checkered flags flew, Lieders earned another impressive win in Elk River. Congratulations Andy!

Photos ©CrystalWallemPhotography

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Photos ©CrystalWallemPhotography

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