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U.S. Air Force National: Shakopee, MN Results

Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN has been a favorite stop on the ACSS National tour for Team LaVallee Pro Rider, Levi LaVallee. “Its a great facility for the fans, and always a fun track for us,” says LaVallee. With a weekend filled of wet weather and icy conditions it still didn’t stop the fans from coming out and cheering on their favorite racers. “I was really looking forward to Canterbury, I had a podium in the Semi-Pro Super Stock #1 in Sandy, UT and was hoping to get on there again this weekend,” said Kafka.

Race Results: Pro Stock. Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider, Levi LaVallee, took two 3rd place finishes in his qualifying rounds, securing him a 7th place spot for the Final. Off the start Levi found himself mid-pack, with strong determination he worked his way up to the 5th position and kept himself there for the 20 lap final.

Pro Open. LaVallee’s qualifying rounds went good, but not good enough with a 6th and 2nd place finishes, Levi found himself going to the LCQ (last chance qualifier). With only 5 riders making it in, Levi slid into the final taking the last 15th place spot. Being in the 2nd row for the Open Final, Levi had his work cut out for him. With clean riding and smart lines, Levi worked his way through the back to an exciting 6th place finish. An awesome, consistent weekend for LaVallee.

Semi-Pro Super Stock #1 Semi Pro Rider, Chris Kafka took two third place finishes in his qualifying. And in his Final, he had an awesome start and kept his pace throughout the entire race finishing near the top with a great 4th place finish.

Semi-Pro Super Stock #2 Kafka continued strong with a 3rd and 8th in his qualifying rounds, but needed to go into the LCQ. With making it into the final from his 3rd place spot in the LCQ, Kafka road hard from the beginning and was charging towards the top, he got taken out by another rider causing him to sit out the race and finishing 13th.

Coming up: Highlight your calendars with these future events. • January 28 -31, 2010: Winter X Games 14 | Aspen, CO

• TBA: Levi appears on Good Morning America (watch for more info)

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