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Team LaVallee’s Duluth National Recap

Longville, MN (November 27, 2012) – This past weekend marked the 21st annual Duluth National Snocross race, a holiday tradition for thousands of racers, families and fans. Man-made snow was generated to make this weekend a successful one. The 3-day race weekend kicked off on Friday evening with the Amsoil Dominator, followed by race round 1 and 2 of the ISOC National Snocross Series.

Levi LaVallee (Pro) started off the weekend strong while working his way into the semi-finals Friday night in the Amsoil Dominator (a one-off, head-to-head bracket-style event). In the first round, LaVallee was matched against his own teammate, Kyle Pallin (Pro). LaVallee won round one and made it through to the semi-finals by beating last years defending ISOC champion, Tim Tremblay. And in the semi-final around, it was LaVallee vs. Hibbert. Hibbert came off the line first, and after a great battle, LaVallee had an unfortunate off which eliminated him from moving on to the finals. Saturday and Sunday were race round 1 and 2 of the ISOC National Snocross Series. LaVallee and Pallin had some great qualifying throughout the weekend, but were not able to pull off the results they wanted in the Pro Open Finals. However, with LaVallee still wanting to put on a show for the fans, he once again did his infamous “back-flip” intro’s to kick of the races throughout the weekend.

As for Team LaVallee’s Pro Lite Rider, Jake Scott – let’s rewind to the Lake Geneva Finale last season. Scott ended the season strong – winning his first national Pro Lite race, which secured 3rd place overall in the 2011/2012 Pro Lite points battle. And for this years first national, Scott started things off on the right foot. With over 50 Pro Lite athletes competing over the weekend, the chances of making the final were slim. With a combination of great holeshots, smooth lines and smart passing opportunities Scott was able to make his way to the 2nd place podium spot, Saturday night. A great moment for Scott and Team LaVallee at the ISOC season opener.

“We learned a lot from this first National race. We struggled in some areas but that is where we take those experiences and learn from them. We have two weeks off to test and practice before our next national and we will be taking advantage of this time. Our high-point for the weekend was Jake (Scott) getting on the podium in the Pro Lite class Saturday night. He earned it, he rode hard all weekend and in the end it paid off. We are looking forward to our next national and caring that momentum with us.” states Glenn Kafka (co-owner to Team LaVallee).


Pro Open Round 1 (LaVallee)  Round 1: 4th    Round 2: 7th   LCQ: 4th       Final: 13th

Pro Open Round 2 (LaVallee)  Round 1: 6th    Round 2: 6th   LCQ: 10th    Final:  —

Pro Open Round 1 (Pallin)  Round 1: 7th    Round 2: 3rd   LCQ: 5th       Final: 15th

Pro Open Round 2 (Pallin)  Round 1: 6th    Round 2: 9th   LCQ: —       Final:  —

Pro Lite #1 (Scott)   Round 1: 2nd   Round 2: 1st     LCQ: —        Final: 2nd

Pro Lite #2 (Scott)   Round 1: 8th    Round 2: 1st     LCQ: —       Final: 10th


Blackjack National – Bessemer, MI December 7-8, 2012

Canterbury Park National – Shakopee, MN January 4-5, 2013

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