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Team LaVallee’s 2024 Roster is all PRO

Team LaVallee Returns and Signs Multi-Year Deal with Pro Rider; Adam Peterson and Rookie Pro; Ryley Bester and Andy Lieders is Back in Pro AM Plus 30

August 8, 2023 - Longville, MN

Team LaVallee (with owners; Levi LaVallee and Glenn Kafka) enters its 15th year as a Factory Polaris / Red Bull race team; and is excited to announce the return of Adam Peterson, Ryley Bester, and Andy Lieders for the upcoming 2023/2024 Snocross Season.

Adam Peterson, who was named Pro Rookie of the Year in 2022 and also won the Dominator race in 2021, inked a multi-year deal with Polaris and Team LaVallee. “I’m excited to continue my success with Team LaVallee in a multi-year Pro contract. The entire crew at Team LaVallee works hard but it’s a fun environment too. It’s perfect fit for me.” Peterson states. After an impressive two podium finished last season, Peterson finished in 6th place overall in the 2023 Snocross Pro Class

Ryley Bester, wrapped up the 2022/2023 Snocross Season with earning 10 Podium finishes and took 2nd place overall in the Pro Lite Class - it seemed like the time was right for Bester to make the switch to Pro. Bester, who seemed to rip almost every holeshot on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled and was riding with huge confidence all season had debated on when to make the switch and now the time felt right. “I am super excited to take the next step in my snocross racing career and jump to the Pro class. Thankful I get the opportunity to continue working with Team LaVallee/Polaris/Red Bull. They have been a huge contributor to my success over the years and I’m looking forward to this next chapter!” - Ryley Bester

Andy Lieders: The long-time joke between the Lieders camp and Team LaVallee, is when is Andy going to be “done”. Well, after his amazing results in not only in the Pro AM Plus 30 Class last year and giving the Pro Lite class a run for their money, it would be hard to call it quits. For Andy Lieders, it’s not just about racing on the weekends, it’s spending time with his family and still being able to have fun out on the track. Lieders season was nearly perfect in the Pro AM Plus 30 class (with 7 Podiums and being crowned the Pro AM Plus 30 Champion) and he’ll be back again for the upcoming season and you may see him in a Pro Lite race or two as well.

As Team LaVallee ramps up for the season, you can stay connected and up-to-date on Team LaVallee and Levi LaVallee social channels. And of course, we’ll be in seeing you soon for the Official Start of Winter at Hay Days.

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