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Longville, MN (March 15, 2022) - ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota was the host the Rounds 11 and 12 of the 2022 Snocross Series. Many of the National Snocross racers use the track at ERX as their practice location throughout the winter months, but the track that was created for the National unveiled to be much different with a huge layout that involved a large stretch of whoops, triples, high speed corners, multiple lines of racing and big air.


Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider and series Fan Favorite, Kyle Pallin started out the two-day National with great qualifying. Palin earned a 3rd and 4th place finish in his respective rounds and was able to secure a front row spot in the Round 11 final. Under the lights Friday night, Pallin started out the 10 minute plus 2 lap final inside the top 10. Pallin was going back and forth picking riders off before an unfortunate small off dropped him back to 12th place on Day 1 in Elk River.

On Saturday, for Round 12, Pallin started out the day with consistent results with taking a 5th in both of his Pro Round 12 qualifying rounds. From the front row of the Pro Round 12 Final, Pallin came out of the gate mid-pack. With an ever changing track, Pallin had his work cut out for him for the 10 minute plus two lap final. But as the minutes were winding down, the race was heating up. Pallin continued to charge hard from the 6th place spot and was now sitting in 4th and was chasing down the 3rd place podium spot. As the checkered flags flew, and after a race long battle, Pallin held on to the incredible 4th place spot and missed the podium by two sled lengths.

Pallin is currently sitting in 7th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Class.


Rookie Pro Rider (and 2021 Pro Lite Champ) Adam Peterson was eager for the ERX National and started out the weekend with a 4th and 5th in his Pro qualifying rounds. Peterson was still able to secure a 9th pick spot in the front row of the Pro Final that night. Off of the start of the 10 minute plus 2 lap final, Peterson and his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled ripped off of the line and was sitting in the 2nd place spot, towards the front of the pack. As the minutes were ticking down, Peterson shuffled back loosing a few positions and finished out the Round 11 Final in the notable 8th place spot.

On Saturday, for Round 12, Peterson was looking for redemption after an admittedly “off day” for Round 11. Peterson started the day with excellent qualifying taking a 3rd and 2nd in his Pro Rounds. Under the lights for the final night of racing in Elk River, Peterson ripped out of the gates, grabbing the holeshot for the start of the Pro Round 12 final. Going into the first lap, Peterson was passed by a rider but was keeping pace and hunting down that first place spot. About halfway through the demanding race, Peterson had to forfeit his 2nd place position as his sled had an unfortunate mechanical issue which halted him to a dead stop, ending his night early and finishing in the 15th place at ERX.

Peterson is currently sitting in a tie for the 9th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Class.


Pro Lite Rider, Ryley Bester was ready to take on the massive track that ERX had to offer. Bester started out Round 11 on a high note with taking an excellent 2nd and 1st in his Pro Lite qualifying rounds, Bester set himself up for a great gate pick on the line for the final. Under the lights Friday night, Bester and his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled shot out of the gate towards the front of the pack and was passing into the 3rd place spot. But Bester was not able to complete the first lap in the Pro Lite Final, as another rider jumped into the side of Ryley's sled over a large triple, taking Bester and his sled out for the remainder of the race.

On Saturday, Bester was ready for redemption, despite having a banged up knee from the Pro Lite Round 11 final the night before. Bester started out ERX Day 2, Round 12 with perfect racing earning a win in both of his Pro Lite qualifying rounds and going into the Pro Lite Round 12 Final as the number one qualifier. Under the lights Saturday night, Bester grabbed the holeshot and was in the lead for the first few turns and swapped spots from first to second. As the challenging race grew closer to an end, so did the gap from the top three riders. Bester continued to ride an incredible race and secured that second place spot, finishing Elk River on the podium. Congrats Ryley on your 2nd place finish!

“I'm just thankful to be here today,” said Bester. “I had a rough crash yesterday, but I was lucky to get away with just a little knee injury. Going home last night was pretty tough. My knee was really hurting and waking up it was even worse so I'm just happy to be out here racing.”

Bester is currently sitting in 3rd place in 2022 Snocross Pro Lite Class.


Pro AM Plus 30 rider, Andy Lieders was back after a two race hiatus and missing the New York and Deadwood National but Lieders picked up right where he left off. Lieders swept the Pro AM Plus class with taking two first place finishes in his qualifying rounds. And in the Pro AM Plus final, Lieders ripped the holeshot and lead the entire race, earning the 1st place spot under the lights Saturday night in Elk River. This was Andy’s 4th Pro AM Plus 30 win of the year. Congrats Andy!

Lieders is currently sitting in 5th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Plus 30 Class.

“The Elk River National started out tough but ended strong for us at Team LaVallee. Our sleds were ripping off the line and our riders were determined. Huge thanks to our crew and partners for making this all possible! We are ready to take on Lake Geneva this weekend!" " - Levi LaVallee


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