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Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - Riding UTV in the beautiful mountains of Seeley Lake Montana sounds great doesn't it? Lakes at the bottom of the mountains, snow still covering the top of the peaks, and absolutely breathtaking views around ever curve!

The problem is unless you live near by, have a UTV, and a truck and trailer to haul it the the trail head, this sounds more like a dream than an experience of a lifetime.

Well that dream can be a reality and you do not have to own a UTV, truck, or trailer. Heck you don't even have to be from Montana! Our friend Curtis from Kurt's Polaris just opened Seeley Adventures in Seeley Lake, Montana and he invited us out to experience some family fun exploring Montana!

How does it work? All you have to do is sign up and show up! No UTV, no truck, no trailer, no gear, NO PROBLEM! Seeley Adventures had everything so that all you have to do is show up and have fun! We flew into the Missoula Airport, got a rental car, and a VRBO in Seeley Lake. Being you ride right from Seeley adventures there is no need to rent a truck or special vehicle, you just need a way to get to Seeley Lake.

My wife and I brought our kids out for a family trip and we all got to experience the beauty of Glacier Country Montana from the comfort of a new Polaris General! Because Seeley Adventures is a Polaris Adventures outfitter, all of the units have GPS map displays in the dash which Seeley Adventures preconfigured with rides of different lengths and times so you can simple pick how long of ride you want to go on and follow the map! This made me feel way better about riding in an area without ever riding UTV there before.

Being an experienced rider like I am I have a good sense of the level of riding and what was great about the rides we went on, the trails where well maintained and very user friendly meaning if you do not have much experience, you will be just fine! If you can drive a car, you'll be able to pilot a UTV down the trails to an experience you won't forget!

This was also my first time going on a Polaris Adventure and as simple as it was to fly in and go riding, I see a lot of opportunity for more fun adventures, in different vehicles, as we travel for different fun and work trips across the country!

This was a great experience we got to have as a family exploring territory we hadn't seen before. Being able to do something like this was a family bucket list type item that I assumed would take ample planning and preparation. The thing that has me excited was with the Polaris adventures program making this so simple to do, I can't wait to go on another family trip some where and make more memories together! Watch the video now:

If you are looking for more information on how to have an experience like the one we had in Glacier Country you can find more information at-

Glacier Country -

Tread lightly -

Seeley Adventures -

Polaris adventures -

We ate at -

Pops Place - Great Breakfast right in Seeley.

Trixi's (Fun ride that takes about an hourish? from Seeley) Great burger and old bar with lots of character.

Basecamp Bar just out town, fun place with a patio where we had some pizza.

Lindey's Landing has great food if are looking for a good dinner.

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