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Scott Wins Day 2 of Bessemer National

Longville, MN (December 11, 2012) – The Blackjack National was the second stop on the ISOC National Snocross Series and was held in Bessemer, Michigan – right in Kyle Pallin’s backyard (who’s hometown is minutes away in Ironwood). This was the second year of having a national held at Blackjack Ski Resort and with the lack of snow, it was a great surprise to see such a huge track created for this race.

The two-day National started off swinging with all riders (LaVallee, Pallin and Scott) ripping awesome hole-shots throughout the weekend. Kyle Pallin even won the “Stud Boy Holeshot Award” Friday night. In the Pro class, LaVallee and Pallin were able to make both finals throughout the weekend without having to go through the LCQ (last chance qualifier). Each rider had great qualifying rounds, where both LaVallee and Pallin were able to take first place finishes. When it came down to the 12-lap Pro finals, LaVallee and Pallin rode strong and consistent. Pallin’s high-point of the weekend was finishing 8th in the Pro final Saturday night and LaVallee’s high-point was taking home 5th place in the Pro final on Friday night.

In the Pro Lite class, Jake Scott shined in many ways throughout the weekend. Like LaVallee and Pallin – Scott’s qualifying was awesome and he made both finals without having to go through the LCQ. Friday’s final was looking really promising for Scott as he rode from 15th place to 5th in just 3 laps. About half-way through the Pro Lite #1 final, another riders sled came in contact with Scott’s sled, causing Scott to crash and unfortunately end the final early. On Saturday, Scott’s determination was fierce. His goal? Redemption from the day before. Scott took a 3rd and 1st in his qualifying rounds and in the final, Scott rode the 9-lap Pro Lite #2 final flawlessly bringing home a first place finish.

“Wow, what a weekend! We all made huge improvements from the Duluth National and I couldn’t be happier. My 5th place finish was a personal goal for myself and I am pumped to have achieved it. Kyle rode awesome all weekend, unfortunately some bad luck kept him from having the results he’d hoped for at his hometown race, but it’s only a matter of time before Kyle gets to where he wants to be. And Jake, I am so proud of him. He puts so much heart into his racing for such a young age. It makes a win like he had, mean that much more.” stated Levi LaVallee (co-owner to Team LaVallee).


Pro Open Round 3 (LaVallee)  Round 1: 1st     Round 2: 3rd    LCQ: —     Final: 5th

Pro Open Round 4 (LaVallee)  Round 1: 4th     Round 2: 2nd   LCQ: —     Final: 14th

Pro Open Round 3 (Pallin)  Round 1: 2nd    Round 2: 2nd   LCQ: —    Final: 14th

Pro Open Round 4 (Pallin)  Round 1: 4th    Round 2: 1st    LCQ: —    Final:  8th

Pro Lite #1 (Scott)  Round 1: 5th    Round 2: 1st      LCQ: —     Final: 15th

Pro Lite #2 (Scott)  Round 1: 3rd    Round 2: 1st      LCQ: —      Final: 1st


Canterbury Park National – Shakopee, MN January 4-5, 2013

Winter X Games 2013 – Aspen, CO January 24-27, 2013

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