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Scott Takes a Win at Traverse City

Longville, MN (February 12, 2013) – A new stop on the ISOC – ACSS National Series brought us to the Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel in Traverse City, Michigan. A perfect location with a large amount of snow, allowing for an awesome track for the racers, great viewing for the fans and on top of that, breathtaking fireworks were on display throughout the two-day National. Coming in to the weekend, Team LaVallee’s pro rider, Levi LaVallee was still not able to compete due to a torn lat muscle. However he was there to support his teammates, sign autographs for the fans and even do a little announcing in the booth on Saturday night.

On day one of the Traverse City National, both Pallin (Pro) and Scott (Pro Lite) where riding a top level. Both riders qualified well and where able to advance to their respective finals without the LCQ (last chance qualifier). In the Pro Open Round 9 final Friday night, Pallin had an awesome hole-shot and was in 3rd place coming into the first corner and stayed there for about 15 of the 20-lap final until landing crooked off of a jump and taking an unfortunate spill. Pallin was still able to finish in the notable 9th place spot. In the Pro Lite #1 final, Scott ripped the holeshot, came out first and stayed there throughout the entire race. Scott rode smooth and consistent putting distance on the second place rider and eventually taking home his 3 consecutive 1st place finish!

On day two of the Traverse City National, both riders where again looking great and with Pallin having the fastest lap times in the second practice, it was sure to be a great day of racing. Both Pallin and Scott where able to avoid the LCQ’s in day two qualifying and both where eager for their finals. In the Pro Open Round 10 final, Pallin ripped the holeshot and came out first. Pallin held his momentum and speed for the first few laps but was not able to hold off a few riders and finished the 20-lap final in an awesome 6th place. In the Pro Lite Final, Scott ripped the holeshot, drifted a little wide in the first turn and another rider was able to get underneath Scott and pushed him off of the track. As Scott continued to work his way up through the pack, he was black-flagged for jumping on a yellow flag ending his chances for finishing in the top 15 in the Pro Lite #2 final. Pallin now sits in 9th place in the Pro Points race and Jake Scott is currently tied for 1st place in Pro Lite.

“I am very happy how things went in Traverse City. It was a great track and Kyle and Jake rode very consistent all weekend. Jake’s DQ was unfortunate. He abided by the rules, rolled past the yellow flag and the down rider but didn’t see the down sled and continued jumping. A black flag is a bummer, but that’s racing. We are looking forward to a week off and then heading out east to New York.” stated LaVallee

RACE RESULTS Pro Open Round 9 (Pallin) Round 1: 2nd     Round 2: 7th    LCQ: —    Final: 9th Pro Open Round 10 (Pallin) Round 1: 3rd    Round 2: 2nd    LCQ: —    Final: 6th

Pro Lite #1 (Scott)

Round 1: 2nd    Round 2: 3rd     LCQ: —     Final: 1st

Pro Lite #2 (Scott)

Round 1: 3rd    Round 2: 1st      LCQ: —      Final: DQ


Seneca Allegany National – Salamanca, NY February 22-23, 2013

Fargo National – Fargo, ND March 8-9, 2013

Nielsen Grand Finale – Lake Geneva, WI March 15-17, 2013

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