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Pro Lite Championship, World Cup Win & Fan Favorite

Longville, MN (March 19, 2013) – Nielsen’s Grand Finale presented by Grand Geneva Resort and Spa was the final stop on the 2012/2013 ISOC National Series. The track was undoubtedly the largest of the season and had also been one of the largest track built at this particular venue. Jake Scott kicked off the weekend by clinching the 2012/2013 Pro Lite Championship by winning the Pro Lite #1 Final on Friday night and Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin finished in a strong 6th place in the Pro Open Round 15 final.

For Saturday’s racing, Scott was able to bump up to the Pro Open class along side Kyle Pallin and LeviLaVallee, as Levi finished off the season doing starts for each Pro round. Kyle Pallin had a great day of racing with taking 3rd and 2nd in his qualifying rounds, results that allowed him to go straight to the final. For Jake Scott an unfortunate off in Round 1 caused him to finished in 6th place, but in Round 2 Scott held his speed and was able to finish in an awesome 3rd place. Scott did run the LCQ and was able to nab 2nd place and qualified 12th for his first Pro Open final. In Pro Open Round 16 (the final race of the season) both Pallin and Scott where sitting great amongst the 15 riders. Pallin came out towards the front of the pack and was able to maintain his position throughout the race and finish an awesome 5th place. Coming from the back row, Jake Scott has his work cut out for him but with much determination Scott finished an exciting 10th place in his first Pro Open Final. An overall great final day of racing for Team LaVallee.

On Sunday, Pallin and Scott were out to represent Team USA in the first ever snowmobile World Cup race. The World Cup was a one-day race consisting of 2 qualifying rounds and 3 race rounds. Kyle Pallin, Jake Scott and two other USA riders where able to take the lead on the 3 rounds of racing and Team USA took the World Cup title on Sunday afternoon, an exciting way to end the 2012/2013 season.

“We are super pumped and blessed to have such an amazing season. We won 2 gold medals,a Pro Lite Championship and our riders were steadily improving all season and our sleds were ripping every race. It takes a lot of dedication and time to get good results and witha combination of amazing sponsors, an exceptional team, and the support of our family, friends and fans we were able to achieve great things this season. We are definitely ending on a very high note and it feels awesome.” stated LaVallee


Pro Open Round 15 (Pallin) Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 6th

Pro Open Round 16 (Pallin) Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 5th

Pro Lite #1 (Scott) Round 1: 1st Round 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 1st

Pro Open Round 16 (Scott) Round 1: 6th Round 2: 3rd LCQ: 2nd Final: 10th

2012/2013 Year End Points & Awards

ISOC Fan Favorite: Levi LaVallee (5th year in a row)

PRO Year End Points: Kyle Pallin (7th) – Levi LaVallee (20th)

PRO Lite Year Ends Points: Jake Scott (1st) Pro Lite Champion

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