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Longville, MN (March 11, 2019) – The second to last stop for the 2018/2019 ISOC National Snocross season, Rounds 13 and 14, brought us to Sundown Mountain in Dubuque, Iowa. This is the 3rd season of having a race in Dubuque and this year brought another impressive track with a drop down start, technical downhill whoop section and big air. The change in weather conditions made the track icy and fast Friday and with rain – snow mix Saturday, the snow changed to heavy and sticky with very low visibility. The weather, however, did not stop a huge crowd from packing the stands; as they were in for some great racing over the two-day National.


Kyle Pallin came out swinging in Dubuque! With earning two 2nd place finishes in his qualifying rounds for Round 13 Friday night, Pallin was the 2nd qualifier coming into the Pro Final. Off of the line of the 16 Lap Final, Pallin had a great start, found smooth lines, rode consistently and earned himself his first Podium of the season, with an exciting 3rd place finish Friday Night! Congrats Kyle!

For Saturday, Round 14th – Pallin had another day of good qualifying with two 4th place finishes – he was in a good position for the Pro Final. Off of the line, Pallin had mid-pack start and with low visibility, Pallin was able to maintain his position and finish out the weekend in the 8th place spot in Dubuque.

With Pallin’s great results in Dubuque, he is now sitting in the 7th place overall position in the 2018/2019 Pro Points Standings.


Evan Daudt started out his weekend with some consistent qualifying and made it into the Round 13 final, Friday night, via the LCQ. Coming from the back row of the Pro Lite Final, Daudt rode hard and finished in the 10th place spot. On Saturday, things were looking up for Daudt with a win in his first qualifying round but after a couple hard off’s in his second qualifier and in the LCQ, Daudt ended his weekend early just missing the Pro Lite Round 14 final.


Adam Peterson started the two-day National out with two awesome 3rd place finishes in his qualifying rounds. He was in a great position on the line for the Round 13 Pro Lite Final, and with riding smart and fast, Peterson finished in the exciting 3rd place spot on Friday! Congrats Adam!

On Saturday, Round 14 – Peterson had a mechanical issue in Round 1 but after a solid 4th place in Round 2 and taking 2nd in the LCQ, Peterson was ready for the Round 14 Pro Lite Final. Coming from the back row, and with zero visibility Peterson rode very strong and made his way up to the 7th place position, ending out his weekend in Dubuque!

We are excited for the 3-Day Grand Finale National in Lake Geneva, WI this weekend. We hope to see you there!

Photos ©CrystalWallemPhotography



Round 13 – RD1: 2nd, RD2: 2nd LCQ: — FINAL: 3rd

Round 14 – RD 1: 4th, RD2: 4th, LCQ: — FINAL: 8th


Round 13 – RD1: 6th, RD2: 5th, LCQ: 5th FINAL: 10th

Round 14 – RD 1: 1st, RD2: 9th, LCQ: 9th FINAL: —


Round 13 – RD1: 3rd, RD2: 3rd, LCQ: — FINAL: 3rd

Round 14 – RD 1: 8th, RD2: 4th, LCQ: 2nd FINAL: 7th

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