Longville, MN (March 6, 2017) – New to the ISOC Snocross Series, Dubuque, Iowa was the host to Rounds 13 and 14 of the 2016-2017 season. Sundown Mountain presented one of the most unique and challenging tracks of the season, with a lengthy start, huge downhill section (known as the dirty dozen, containing twelve jumps), and with unpredictable snow conditions, the debut in Dubuque was an exciting one for racers and race fans a-like.

Round 13, Friday night was one for the books for Team LaVallee. Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin and Pro Lite Rider, Zak Mason equally had awesome qualifying rounds and both sat in the front row of their respective finals. In Pro Lite, Zak Mason ripped the holeshot off of the line and kept up his speed and momentum throughout the 12 lap final and finished in the 2nd place spot! Immediately following Zak’s podium finish, Kyle Pallin’s Pro Open Final was on the line. Kyle came out in the 4th position and within the first two laps of the 18-lap final, Pallin pushed his way to second place. At the halfway mark, Pallin was battling for the first place spot but was unable to get around the leader. Pallin finished out the Friday / Round 13 final with an exciting 2nd place finish. Congrats Zak and Kyle!

On Saturday / Day 2 / Round 14 Mason and Pallin had another day of great qualifying. In Pro Lite, Zak Mason took 3rd and 4th in his qualifying rounds and finished the Round 14 final in the 5th place spot. In Pro Open, Kyle Pallin earned a 3rd and 4th place qualifying as well and was the second gate pick for the Pro Open Final. Off of the start, Pallin was sitting in the 4th place position. Pallin charged hard throughout the 18-lap final and finished out the Dubuque National in the 4th place spot.

For Team LaVallee’s grassroots riders, Adam Peterson (Sport) and Evan Daudt (Pro Lite) both had great qualifying throughout the two-day national. The highlights over the weekend was Peterson’s 8th place finish on Friday night and Daudt’s 6th place finish on Saturday, just behind Mason. Looking forward to a weekend off and then heading out for the final National race of the season in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

RACE RESULTS – Round 13 & 14 

PALLIN Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 2nd // Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 4th LCQ: — Final: 4th

MASON Rd1: 1st Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 2nd // Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 4th LCQ: — Final: 5th


DAUDT Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 12th // Rd 1: 2nd Rd 2: 4th LCQ: — Final: 6th

PETERSON Rd 1: 4th Rd: 4th LCQ: — Final: 8th // Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: 1st Final: 14th


Lake Geneva National – Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, WI – March 17-19, 2017


Dubuque, IA National Round 13 // CBS Sports Network // 03/18/2017 @ 12PM EST (Check Local Listings)

Dubuque, IA National Round 14 // CBS Sports Network // 03/18/2017 @ 1PM EST (Check Local Listings)

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