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Levi is Back on FOX

FOX® Welcomes Levi LaVallee Back to its World-Class Athlete Roster

Snowmobile freestyle, snocross, and distance jumping superstar, Levi LaVallee puts his trust in FOX to cushion his landings.

Scotts Valley, CA December 1, 2011 – FOX announced today that Levi LaVallee has returned to their roster of world-class athletes after being away for just one season. LaVallee’s 2011­–2012 season will be action-packed with snocross, Winter X Games, and a New Year’s Eve distance jump over 300 feet of water in San Diego. Levi has his sights set on breaking his own distance jumping record of 361 feet, set during practice for the same stunt in 2010.

“Being back on FOX shocks, I look at how can I redefine my limits and take it to the next level in freestyle, distance jumping, and snocross,” said LaVallee. “Riding on FOX gives me the confidence to push myself to go bigger, farther, and faster.”

“This is so much more than just a sponsorship deal; I’m once again part of a suspension family that supports me at every level on and off the track,” Levi went on to say.

Levi is the current snowmobile distance jump record holder at 361 feet, a 4-time Winter X Games gold medalist, and the first person to attempt a double backflip in competition during the 2009 Winter X Games.

“Levi is very driven and has a packed season across many disciplines,” said Rick Strobel, Snowmobile Race Manager at FOX. “We’re all excited to have him back on the FOX team and to help him achieve his ambitious goals.”

Along with Levi comes the entire LaVallee team owned by Levi and Glenn Kafka, which includes Bobby LePage and Jake Scott.

Video interview with Levi:

LaVallee’s bio:

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