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Levi goes to NH (crutches & all).

With only 8 days after having surgery, Levi traveled over to the east coast for an Open House. F.B. Spaulding Company is located in Lancaster, New Hampshire and is one of the most reputable Polaris Dealerships on the coast. With the family-owned company since 1902, the F.B. Spaulding Company wanted to “Go Big” for their brand new location and they did just that.

Levi, crutches and all, made it to their Open House and signed autographs all day. “I have never been to this area before in New Hampshire – but I am happy to say that the people here are awesome. Everyone is super down-to-earth and they have made me feel really welcome. I hope to come back to this area again, next time- without crutches!” stated LaVallee.

For information on Levi making an appearance at your dealership, contact

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