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Longville, MN (January 22, 2019) – Professional snowmobiler, Levi LaVallee, announced today that he will not be competing in Snowmobile Freestyle at this years 2019 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. LaVallee was an automatic pick for invited athletes for the Winter X Games 2019, due to his Silver Medal the previous year in Snowmobile Freestyle.

LaVallee is a 13x Winter X Games medalist, with 7 of his medals being Gold. LaVallee has competed in and earned medals in every snowmobile discipline that has been at Winter X Games, including; Snocross, Hillcross, Best Trick, Freestyle, Speed and Style, and Long Jump. LaVallee has been a Winter X Games athlete since 2003.

“It has been a question I have been getting for the past few years … “How much longer will you do freestyle?” Freestyle at X Games has been an incredible opportunity for me and my snowmobiling career. From a snocross racer, it expanded my vision of what I was capable of and made me look more at what was possible on a snowmobile. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have come from freestyle at X Games. I’ll still be going to Aspen to support the athletes and the X Games, but it sure will be different not competing.” – Levi LaVallee

Levi LaVallee plans to attend the upcoming Winter X Games Aspen competition. He will be signing autographs, attending meet and greets, and filming it all for his new YouTube series, Livin LaVallee.

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