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LaVallee to Compete in Arctic Man

Levi LaVallee and Daron Rhalves join forces in a combined downhill ski and snowcross competition. Longville, MN / April 3, 2014   – Repost from Red Bull

The Arctic Man. The name sounds like something out of a classified military special ops file. In reality, it’s a competition that gauges exactly one thing: how much are you willing to push the limits? Two men, a snowmobile, and a pair of skis all combine to test the mettle of some of the world’s top ski and snowcross athletes in the frosty temps of Anchorage, Alaska.

On April 11th, snowmobiler Levi LaVallee and skier Daron Rahlves will team up to take on the Arctic Man. Daron is no stranger to downhill, having won World Cups in Super G and most recently competing in skicross. Daron and the rest of the skiers will kick the race off as they tackle a course starting at 5,800 feet of elevation, dropping 1,700 feet in less than two miles to their partners waiting on snowmobiles.

As Daron meets Levi, he will grab a towrope and be towed approximately 2.25 miles up to another peak, reaching speeds of up to 90 mph. Levi’s mind is wide open at that point, as is his sled as they charge up the treacherous course. From there, Daron will hit another downhill course, dropping 1,200 feet in elevation before reaching the finish line.

The Arctic Man mantra is a fitting “Go fast or go home.” In 2014, the competitors will celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Arctic Man, along with the 10,000-plus spectators who brave the brisk conditions to take in some of the most hardcore athletes that snow has ever produced. It will be an entirely new challenge for both Levi and Daron, but they have a knack of rising to the occasion.

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