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Longville, MN (March 21, 2017) – As the 2016-2017 snocross season comes to an end, Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, WI was the host to the final race of the season, as it has been for many, many years. The track this season, was one of the most impressive we’ve seen in years, despite the mild winter weather, the track consisted of an up-hill start, three up hill sections, a joker lane, big air, and technical whoop sections. Race fans packed the stands for the 3-day National and was in for one of the most exciting year-end races we’ve seen in years.



The Pro Class raced all three days, with opening up Round 15 on Friday night. Kyle Pallin (Pro) had an impressive day of qualifying and secured himself a front row spot for the Friday Night Final. Off of the line, Kyle Pallin ripped the holeshot and moved his way up the first up-hill. A tough first corner pushed Pallin towards the back of the pack but that did not stop Pallin, his determination and strength finished out the Round 15 final in the impressive 6th place spot. Throughout the rest of the weekend, Pallin saw similar results with a Pro Round 1 qualifying win on Sunday and finishing out the 2016-2017 season in the 6th place spot for Round 16 and 7th place spot on Sunday for Round 17.


In Pro Lite, Zak Mason (who was sporting new pink FXR Racing gear, honoring his step-mom who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer) was eager to get back up on the podium, like he had done in Dubuque the race before. On Saturday, Mason made his way into the final via the LCQ. Off of the start of the Round 15 final, coming from the back row – Mason rode smart and smooth throughout the 7 lap final and finished an impressive 5th place. On Sunday, Mason was looking to end the season strong, and he did just that. With qualifying 9th for the Round 16 Pro Lite final, Mason ripped the holeshot off of the line and finished the 2016-2017 season with a 3rd place finish at Lake Geneva.



For Team LaVallee’s grassroots riders, Adam Peterson (Sport) and Evan Daudt (Pro Lite) – the two Day National had it’s high and lows for these riders. In sport, Peterson was able to make both of his respective finals and finished out the season with a 4th and 7th place finish. In Pro Lite, Evan Daudt was hungry to finish the season with another podium win. On Saturday, in Round 16, Daudt was running an awesome race and was sitting in the 5th place position, when a tough crash down the first downhill ended the season a day early for Daudt. Daudt was looked over by the FXR Mobile Medical crew and was then sent to the local ER to determine a broken foot for Evan Daudt. We wish him a speedy and healthy recovery during the off-season.


Year End Awards

Congratulations to Kyle Pallin for earning the Fan Favorite Award for the second year in a row! The Most Improved Racer Award was given to grassroots rider, Evan Daudt. A well-deserved award, given to Evan after a very impressive rookie season in the Pro Lite class. Congratulations to you both for your prestigious awards!

“As we close another snocross season here for Team LaVallee, we cannot help but thank our awesome crew, mechanics, riders, and partners for making this all happen. It was a season of new challenges and great rewards. Nothing comes easy and when we work together as a team, collaborate our ideas, our goals, and our strengths – that is when we shine. Thank you to each and everyone of you involved in the team, we truly could not be where we are without you. See you all when the snow flies.” – Levi LaVallee, Owner

RACE RESULTS – Round 15, 16, 17


RD 15 – Rd 1: 4th Rd 2: 4th   LCQ: — Final: 6th

RD 16 – Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 2nd  LCQ: — Final: 6th

RD 17 – Rd 1: 1st Rd 2: 2nd  LCQ: — Final: 7th

RACE RESULTS – Round 15 & 16

MASON (Pro Lite)

RD 15 – Rd1: 3rd Rd 2: 6th LCQ: 4th Final: 5th  //  RD 16 – Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 4th LCQ: —  Final: 3rd


DAUDT  Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 2nd  LCQ: — Final: 13th  //  Rd 1: 8th Rd 2: 9th  LCQ: — Final: —

PETERSON Rd 1: 2nd Rd: 1st LCQ: — Final: 4th  //  Rd 1: 7th Rd 2: 3rd  LCQ: 3rd  Final: 7th


PALLIN (PRO) 7th  / ISOC Fan Favorite 2017

MASON (Pro Lite) 4th

DAUDT (Pro Lite) 7th  / ISOC Most Improved Racer 2017

PETERSON (Sport) 6th


Arctic Man 2017 (LaVallee & Rhalves) – Summit Lake, Alaska – April 6th, 2017


Lake Geneva, WI National Round 15 // CBS Sports Network // 04/02/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)

Lake Geneva, WI National Round 16 // CBS Sports Network // 04/09/2017 @ 10AM EST (Check Local Listings)

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