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Longville, MN (February 2, 2021) - Historic Deadwood, South Dakota was the home to Rounds 5 and 6 of the National Snocross Series. Theraces were held at the Days of ’76 Rodeo Grounds in the heart of downtown Deadwood. The Deadwood National honed the name of the Bristol version of Snocross racing, with the combination of a very tight track, tough visibility, and snow conditions track-side were wet, dense, and rough which was an added challenge for the riders and for their sleds as well.


Team LaVallee's Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin was looking for Gold at Deadwood, after coming off of his 2nd Place podium finish two weeks ago in Dubuque. With taking a 4th and 2nd place in his Pro Qualifying Rounds, Pallin was sitting in a good position for the Pro Round 5 Final, Friday night. Under the lights of the stacked Pro Final, Pallin had an awesome holeshot on his Polaris, Red Bull, Walker Evans Racing snowmobile but had a tough off on the first turn pushing Pallin towards the back of the back. With much determination, Pallin powered through the 10 Minute + 2 Lap final and finished out in the notable 8th place spot.

For Day 2, Round 6 of racing, Pallin took a 4th and 2nd place finish in his qualifying rounds and was looking for redemption in the Pro Round 6 Final Saturday Night. Off of the start of the line Saturday night, Pallin ripped an awesome hole-shot and was sitting in the second place spot. Two laps in, Pallin muscled his way around the leader for the 1st place spot. Within a few minutes of the 10min + 2 lap final, deep holes were forming and lapped traffic came into play. Pallin was holding the top spot for about 4 minutes in the Pro Final, and tough and unfortunate off, caused Pallin to fall back but was still able to finish out the weekend in the 8th place position.


Coming off a 2nd Place finish at Dubuque, Pro Lite Rider, Adam Peterson was ready for Rounds 5 and 6 in Deadwood. Peterson started out the 2 Day National with a bang coming into the Friday Night Round 5 Pro Lite Final as the number 2 qualifier, after winning both of his qualifying rounds. Off of the line in the Pro Lite Round 5 Final, Peterson had a great start and rode a hard and consistent race, finishing out in the awesome 4th place position!

On Saturday, for Round 6, Peterson started the day out swinging, with a 4th and 1st place finish in his qualifying rounds. And under the lights for the Pro Lite Round 6 Final, Peterson was itching for a podium spot. Coming off of the line of the Pro Lite Final, Peterson came out smooth and towards the front of the pack. With smart lines and consistency, Peterson landed on the Podium taking an excellent 2nd place finish!

Peterson is the current leader in the Pro Lite points Championship battle. Congrats Adam!


Pro Lite Rider, Ryley Bester started out the Deadwood National with awesome qualifying rounds, taking two 2nd place finishes and securing a front row spot in the Pro Lite Round 5 Final. Under the lights, Friday night, Bester had a tough off causing him to fall back and ending the Round 5 Pro Lite Final in the 10th place spot.

On Saturday, Bester was eager for redemption and had good qualifying rounds with a 3rd and 6th place finish and secured himself a spot in the front row of the Saturday night final. Off of the line of the Pro Lite Final, Bester was mid-pack but was able to maintain and protect his position, ending out the Deadwood National weekend in the notable 7th place spot.


Pro AM Plus 30 rider, Andy Lieders continues on his podium streak in Deadwood!

On Saturday, in Pro AM Plus 30, Lieders had a perfect day of racing with taking two first place finishes in his qualifier rounds and taking the 1st Place spot in the Pro AM Plus 30 Final.

Lieders is the current points leader in the Pro AM Plus 30 Championship battle. Congrats Andy!

"Huge congrats to our entire crew for a successful weekend in Deadwood! With the tight track that Deadwood has, holeshots are key and our sleds were ripping off of the line! The riders are charging hard, not settling, and they'll be carrying that momentum into the Fargo Nationals this coming weekend.
- Levi LaVallee

Up Next: FARGO SNOCROSS NATIONAL / Feb 5-6, 2021

Photos: ©CrystalWallemPhotography

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