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Longville, MN (February 4, 2020)ย - Rounds 9 and 10 for the National Snocross Series brought us to a new location in Dubuque, Iowa. Dubuque has been on the National Snocross Schedule for the past few years, however the Dubuque County Fair Grounds was the new venue location for the 2019/2020 season and it did not upset. With more than enough space, Dubuque brought us one of the biggest tracks we've seen this season and also brought in ample viewing and amenities for Snocross fans and race teams alike!


With back-to-back race weekends, Kyle Pallin was eager to get on the new track in Dubuque!

For Friday, Round 9 Racing - Pallin started out the weekend with good qualifying rounds, which secured his spot in the Pro Round 9 Final. Off of the start of the line, Pallin was pushed outside off of the track and once back on, Pallin found himself at the back of the pack. With 14 laps ahead of him, Pallin charged hard, found smooth lines, and finished out the night with an impressive 7th place finish!

On Saturday, Round 10 - Pallin was looking for redemption. With awesome qualifying (taking 3rd and 5th place finishes) Pallin was sitting in a great position for the the Round 10 Final. Off of the start for the Pro Final, Pallin had a mid-pack start and battled throughout the 14 lap final swapping positions and finishing out in the notable 8th place spot!

Pallin is currently sitting in 6th place overall in the Pro Points Standings.


Pro Lite Rider, Ryley Bester had good weekend of racing. Starting out for Round 9 Friday night, Bester took a 5th and a 2nd place finish in his qualifying rounds. Off of the line of the Pro Lite final, Bester came out mid-pack and finished Friday night in the notable 7th place spot! For Saturday's Racing, Bester was able to secure his spot in the Round 10 Pro Lite final, through the LCQ (last chance qualifier). Coming from the back row of the 10 lap final, Bester rode hard and consistent and finished the weekend out in the 10th place spot. Bester is currently sitting in 6th place overall in the Pro Lite Points Standings.


Pro Lite Rider, Evan Daudt started out the 2-Day National race weekend with a bang. On Friday, Round 9, Daudt had excellent qualifying rounds with a 2nd and 4th place finish, giving him a great spot for the Pro Lite Final. Off of the line of the Round 9 Final, Daudt had a great start towards the front of the pack and with consistent and determined riding, Daudt finished out the Friday night in the excellent 5th place spot. For Saturday qualifying, Daudt secured his spot in the Round 10 Final via the LCQ. From a back row start, Daudt unfortunately got tangled with another rider and finished in the 11th place spot. Daudt is currently sitting in 5th place overall in the Pro Lite Points Standings.


Pro AM Plus 30, Andy Lieders bumped up to the Pro class for Friday racing at Dubuque. With earning a 2nd place in the LCQ, Lieders secured his spot in the Pro Round 9 final in the back row. Off of the start of the 14-lap final, Lieders rode hard and finished in the 14th place position. Lieders is currently sitting in 4th place overall in the Pro AM Plus 30 Points Standings.

"It was awesome to race on a huge track this past weekend. With wetter snow conditions, vision was tricky at times but overall I was able to find good lines on the track. These next few weeks will be a great opportunity to make improvements before our next race in New York." - Kyle Pallin

Up Next: SALAMANCA SNOCROSS NATIONAL / Feb 21 - 22, 2020

Photos: Crystal Wallem Magiera

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