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Canadian Nationals are finished on the podium!


For the last eastern race on the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series the team headed across the border to the Quick Draw Canadian Nationals held at Hiawatha Horsepark in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

With unseasonably warm weather, the entire rack was made by snow that was hauled in by the truck load from surrounding Ski Hills. “I was happy to see the endless preparation for this race, it is a great opportunity for us to do this Canadian National and I am really glad it all worked out” stated LaVallee.

Race Results: Pro Stock. Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider, Levi LaVallee, had a great start for the weekend with qualifying 5th and 2nd in his heats. With those two successful rounds, Levi was the 6th qualifier going into the Pro Stock Final. With 10 sleds lined up tight off the start for the final, Levi got pinched between a few sleds and was pushed towards the back of the pack. With 20 laps of head of him, Levi was hungry and worked him way up to an excellent 6th place finish.

Pro Open. With the pain in LaVallee’s heel/foot still there, he pushed through it and had an outstanding day of racing. Round one, LaVallee took the holeshot and held his lines to win his heat. Round two, LaVallee’s lap times were super consistent and he finished high with a 2nd place spot. With awesome qualifying, LaVallee was the 2nd place qualifier for the Pro Open Final. Levi chose the far – outside line for the Final and it worked in his advantage, by taking the hole shot and quickly moved out in front of the pack. With leading for 8 laps, LaVallee was bumped by Ross Martin, causing just enough force for LaVallee to get pushed back to 2nd place. LaVallee continued to ride strong throughout the entire race and ended with an exciting 2nd place. Levi was thrilled to be back on the podium!


Semi-Pro Super Stock #1. Semi Pro Rider, Chris Kafka had a similar day of riding to teammate LaVallee. With solid riding, Kafka made his was straight to the final with 5th and 1st place finishes in his qualifying rounds. In the final, Kafka came off the track right after the start, putting him in last place in lap 1 – with 16 laps to go, Kafka road hard, chose great lines and made his way up to 6th place. Unfortunately Kafka was disqualified after a debatable call for jumping under a yellow flag.

Semi-Pro Super Stock #2. Kafka had another day of exceptional racing with taking a 2nd and 4th place in his qualifying rounds. He made it into the final in the 9th place spot. Off the start for the Final, Kafka ripped the hole shot and pulled a sizable lead on the field before the race was red flagged because of a down rider. The green flag dropped for the restart, and Kafka pulled off the track with mechanical issues, ending his race way to early.

Levi LaVallee is currently sitting in 2nd place for the Points Championship in the Open Class – so these final two races are really going to count. Keep an eye out for Team LaVallee as we head back to the Midwest for the final two Nationals.

Coming Up Events • March 6-7, 2010 Hayward PowerSports/Polaris Hayward 300, LCO Casino, Hayward, WI • March 19-21, 2010 Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale, Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI

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