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Bodin Wins at Red Bull Fuel + Fury.

LONGVILLE, Minn., November 7, 2011 – This past Saturday, November 5th – Levi LaVallee hosted Red Bull Fuel + Fury. A snowmobile freestyle competition where eight of the globe’s top snowmobilers competed for top place. With the competition held at the iconic Wrigley Field, it drew in quite a crowd and a lot of hype, the pressure was on for the riders to throw down an awesome show.

While Levi LaVallee was the host and commentator, along with Tess Sewell and Tina Dixon, Team LaVallee’s Daniel Bodin was ready for an awesome show. With the competition being judged in a double elimination bracket, Bodin was the first rider to go. With solid tricks and huge extensions throughout the night, Bodin pushed his way through his competitors and in the final round it was between him and Heath Frisby to take home first and second place. For the final round, Bodin threw a huge bar-hop backflip (which currently no other snowmobile freestyler has done in competition) and he found his way onto the top of the podium with a top score of 91 out of 100.

“This was a really great way to start out the freestyle season. I am very excited to be back with Team LaVallee, I was able to train at Levi’s compound last week, before the event and it definitely paid off. This is huge for me!” states Bodin.

“Red Bull Fuel + Fury was an awesome event, it was an honor to be hosting and commentating! It was really cool having iconic Wrigley Field as our backdrop and the riders put on a great show, hopefully we will be able to have this event again and I can compete next time! Huge hats off to all of our great sponsors, if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the success we did on Saturday.” states LaVallee.

Coming Up:

Soon the snow will be flying and the first National SnoCross race will be underway, join Team LaVallee Thanksgiving weekend (November 25th – 27th, 2011) at the Amsoil Duluth National held at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota.

For additional information and for the full race schedule, visit:

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