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Bodin Brings Home Two Golds at Winter X!

LONGVILLE, Minn., February 2, 2011 – This year, Buttermilk Mountain of Aspen, Colorado celebrated its 10th year of hosting the Winter X Games. With this year being already a milestone, Winter X 15 brought in record breaking crowds, ample weather conditions, and never-seen-before tricks.

With Levi LaVallee on the road to recovery one would think his schedule would be pretty low-key, however, it was anything but that. LaVallee received the honor of announcing both the Freestyle final and Best Trick final, followed by multiple interviews and autograph sessions LaVallee was still able to be very involved in Winter X 15.

“It was a lot of fun announcing this year, if I can’t be out on the course competing, this is the next best thing. I had a blast!” states LaVallee.

With LaVallee on the injured list for the rest of the season, Freestyle rider, Daniel Bodin was added to Team LaVallee’s roster for this years Games. Bodin competed in Freestyle, Speed & Style and Best Trick. On Thursday, Bodin started the weekend off with a bang receiving his first gold medal in Freestyle. He finished 4th in Speed & Style and to add to his first gold medal, he finished the weekend off with striking gold again in Best Trick. Bodin rode strong all weekend but what earned him his two gold medals were his consistent runs, full extensions, and pulling of a Double Grap Backflip in the Best Trick Final, a trick that had never been seen before on a snowmobile.

In SnoCross, LePage started off very strong winning his qualifying round for the final. With the top 10 riders in the front row, and top 5 rides of the LCQ in the back row, the 15 rider – 15 lap final was going to be quite the show. Off of the start, LePage found himself towards the front of the pack and about half of a lap in, an unfortunately crash left LePage sitting out for the rest of the final.

Coming Up: With the successful weekend at Winter X 15, Team LaVallee is back on the road for the next ACSS National: Vision KIA Eastern Nationals held at Finger Lakes Casino & Racetrack in Farmington, NY this weekend, February 4-5th, 2011.

Video: Click to view Bodin’s XGames Best Trick Gold Medal run:

Images: ©WayneDavisPhotography

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