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March 28, 2023 As the National Snocross Series winds down, the second to the last stop on the tour brought us to Cannonsburg Ski Area in Belmont, Michigan for Rounds 13 and 14. Although Spring has sprung and there was almost no snow to be found in the Grand Rapids, MI area, the Cannonsburg Ski Area had closed for the season and that allowed the National Snocross Series to swoop in and use their ample amount of snow. Ski Hills have the advantage of offering a diverse and challenging course with huge up-hill starts, technical downhill whoop sections and of course, big air - a fun stop for racers and race-fans alike.

2022 Rookie of the Year; Adam Peterson (PRO) was ready for the new Pro Triple Crown platform to continue for Rounds 13 and 14 in Cannonsburg and hoping to continue his momentum from the race prior in Elk River, MN where Peterson took third place in Round 12. In Triple Crown Day 1 of racing, Peterson qualified fifth in his practice/qualifying round, allowing him to line up fifth in Triple Crown Round 1. As the green light went for the first round of Pro racing, ripping out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled, Peterson raced up in the hill but came out mid-pack as he rounded the first corner. Peterson continued to charge hard from sixth place, make a couple of great passes and ended up Round 1 in the excellent 4th place position!

Off of the start for Round 2, Peterson had a similar start to Round 1, with a great holeshot out of the gate and up the hill, but got tangled with other riders going into the first corner and came out in the 4th place spot. Peterson continued to put on great pressure, rode really strong and was able to make the pass and finished out Round 2 in the the excellent 3rd place spot!

For the final race, Round 3 of the night, Peterson had another awesome start on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled but let off too early going into the first corner and come out in the 4th place spot. As the clock was winding down and the laps were pushing by, Peterson went off the track and lost a few positions - finishing out in Round 3 in the 7th place spot. The Triple Crown tallies were added up and Peterson ended up in the 4th place position overall for Triple Crown Round 13, just barely missing the podium spot, as Peterson was tied for 3rd place but the rider who finished in front of him in Round 3, was the ultimate winner of 3rd place overall. Well done, Adam, on an intense night of racing!

On Saturday, Triple Crown Round 14, Peterson started the day off with good qualifying, allowing him to line up in the fifth place spot for Round 1. On the line for the Triple Crown Round 1, Peterson shot out of the gates on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled but was caught in a mess of sleds in the first corner and came out towards the back of the pack. But as the clock was winding down, Peterson’s momentum was speeding up and was able to pass his way up to the impressive 5th place spot!

For Round 2, Peterson didn’t have the start he was hoping, and was towards the back of the pack. Peterson continued to search for smooth lines, ride hard, and finished out Round 2 in the 7th place spot.

Going into the Final Round of the Cannonsburg National and as the green light went for the final race of the night, Peterson came out of the gates and into the first corner in the fourth place spot and then was pushed back to the 7th place spot coming back down the hill. Peterson continued to ride hard and with three minutes left to go, had an unfortunate off, causing Peterson to fall back to the 9th place and finished 9th overall for Round 3. As the tallies were added up for Triple Crown Round 14 racing, Peterson rounded out the weekend in the overall 8th place spot.

Peterson is currently sitting in 6th place overall in the 2023 Snocross Pro Class.

Pro Lite rider, Ryley Bester who has had seven podium finishes this season, was ready to take on the demanding track that Cannonsburg had to offer for Rounds 13 and 14. In Pro Lite qualifying, Bester, who is known for his impressive holeshots, continued that trend on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled and had impressive qualifying with a win and 2nd place. Under the lights, Friday night for Round 13 Pro Lite Final, Bester and his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled rocketed out of the gates up the hill and was pushed out in the first corner, coming out in the second place spot. As the track continued to change as the laps were winding down, Bester continued to ride smart, smooth and consistent holding onto the second place spot! Congratulations to Ryley for another impressive podium finish, this marks Bester’s eighth podium of the season! Congratulations, Ryley!

For Saturday’s Round 14 of racing, Bester had great qualifying with a 4th place and another win in his respective qualifying rounds, allowing him a front row gate pick for the Round 14 final, Saturday night. For the final Pro Lite race of the weekend in Cannonsburg, Bester had a great start going up the hill and into the first corner, came out into the 3rd place spot. At around 2 minutes into the 8 minute plus 1 lap final, Bester had a tough off and went off the track and when he re-entered was at the back of the pack in the 15th place spot. Bester put his head down and went to work. Riding incredibly fast on his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sled and with one minute left to go, Bester worked his way all the way to the impressive 8th place spot, rounding out his weekend in Canonsburg.

Bester is currently sitting in 2nd place overall in the 2023 Snocross Pro Lite Class.

PRO AM Plus rider, Andy Lieders, continued his winning ways, dominating all day in the Pro AM Plus 30 Class. Ripping awesome holeshots and earning two wins in his qualifying rounds and under the lights Saturday night Lieders was the number one qualifier. Off of the line of the Pro AM Plus 30 final, Lieders made something extremely difficult look extremely easy in the Pro AM Plus 30 final on Saturday night. As the green light went, Lieders jumped the light and had to quickly check up to let the entire field ride by before he could reengage in the race. Lieders, and his Team LaVallee, Polaris sled went right to work. One the first lap, Lieders passed four sleds and with two laps to go, Lieders passed for the first place spot. Marking another impressive win for Lieders and earning his sixth win of the season! Congratulations Andy!

Lieders is currently sitting in 1st place overall in the 2023 Snocross Pro AM Plus 30 Class.

Up next for AMSOIL Championship Snocross: The season finale, Theisen’s Snocross National in Dubuque, Iowa on April 1-2, 2023.

You can watch all 16 rounds of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross season plus the AMSOIL Dominator live on FloRacing with a subscription.

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