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2009/2010 Awards & Honors

Team LaVallee came into the 2009/2010 Season with high hopes and strong determination. With Pro Rider, Levi LaVallee and Semi-Pro Rider, Chris Kafka – Team LaVallee had an awesome combination of prestige equipment and talented riders. Here is a recap of the 09/20 Race Season for Team LaVallee.

ISOC – Amsoil Championship SnoCross Series Points Standing Pro Super Stock: LaVallee, 2nd Place Pro Super Stock: LaVallee, 7th Place

Semi Pro Super Stock #1: Kafka, 5th Place Semi Pro Super Stock #2: Kafka, 12th Place

ISOC – Amsoil Championship SnoCross Series Honorary Awards Fan Favorite: Levi LaVallee True Grit: Levi LaVallee

The Fan Favorite award is an award that is calculated by an online poll where fans can vote (only once per computer) for their favorite racer. This the Levi’s second consecutive time winning this award.

The True Grit award was given to Levi this year because of his determination of finishing out the season on a hurt foot. Levi broke his heel in May of 2009 and after surgery and care, Levi’s foot was still causing him grief and much pain throughout the entire season. He is currently waiting on recommendations from Orthopedic Doctors from all over the world for the care of his foot.

Winter X Games Fourteen Only Snowmobile Athlete to compete in all 4 Snowmobile Disciplines Snowmobile Best Trick: Bronze Snowmobile Knock Out: Gold

Upcoming Events: April 10th, 2010 KC Pro West Banquet (LaVallee as Honorary Guest Speaker) -Grand Forks, ND April 26th, 2010 Mies Outland (LaVallee Autograph Session) -Watkins, MN

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