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Team LaVallee Snocross Season Opener Recap

Lieders earns 2nd and 1st place & Bester makes Rookie Pro Debut

Longville, MN (December 19, 2023) The 2023-2024 Snocross Season kicked off this past weekend at the Mt. Zion Ski Hill in Ironwood, MI. It was two full days of racing, with the Dominator race starting things off on Friday night. The format for the Dominator is a head-to-head event that features both Pro and Pro Lite riders with a winner-takes-all style of racing. Despite the warmer-than-average temperatures mixed with rain, slush, and mud, race fans packed the stands for the season opener.


Team LaVallee riders Adam Peterson (Pro) and Rookie Pro Rider, Ryley Bester were both signed up and ready for the Dominator challenge in hopes of winning the $10,000 purse that Peterson had won back in 2021. In seeding, both riders were able to advance to Round 1. Bester was up against Kody Kamm and Peterson was up against Jordan Lebel.

Round 1: Bester vs Kamm

Off of the line Bester and Kamm were neck and neck and going into the first turn, Bester checked up, allowing Kamm to take over the lead. Bester kept the pressure on but was not able to get around Kamm and ended his chances in the Dominator race.

Round 1: Peterson vs Lebel

Off of the line, Peterson ripped out of the gates and into the first corner was able to stay inside and went for the pass on Lebel. Peterson pushed hard in those tough 2 laps and was able to take the win and allowing him to continue on in the brackets for the $10,000 win.

Round 2: Peterson vs Kamm

Peterson came out first off of the line and was swapping positions back and forth with Kamm. With tough visibility from the heavy, wet snow  Peterson had his work cut out for him. As the clock was ticking, Peterson could not get around Kamm, ending his night after Round 2 in Ironwood.


With the Dominator race in the rear view mirror, Adam Peterson and Rookie Pro rider, Ryley Bester were ready to take on the full day of racing. In Round 1, both Riders were stacked up against one in another in Heat 2. As the green light went for the 6-lap qualifier, it was a tough start off the line for both riders; finding themselves mid to back of the pack. At about half way, Peterson passed up to 4th and Bester ended up finishing out in 8th.

In Round 2 - Heat 1, Bester had a good start, came out mid pack into the first corner. Within the first 2 laps Bester was sitting in 5th and battled his way and finished out in 6th. In Heat 2, Peterson ripped the holeshot off of the start. With huge pressure from behind, Peterson was passed for first but continued to push the ragged edge and finished out the second heat in the excellent 3rd place.

Round 1 FINAL - Both Peterson and Bester were able to make in into the first Pro Final of the season, with Peterson qualifying 6th he was able to earn a front row pick and Bester was in the back row, with a 4th place finish in the LCQ. As the green light went for the final race in Ironwood, Peterson ripped an awesome holeshot and was riding super strong but Peterson’s night ended after lap one of the 10 minute Plus 1 lap final, as a mechanic issue to his sled ended his night early. Coming from the back row, Bester came out off of the start with an impressive mid-pack position and rode a very strong final. With smart lines, and riding very consistence, Bester maintained and finished out in the notable 8th place spot!

PRO AM PLUS 30 - ROUND 1 & 2

PRO AM Plus 2023 CHAMPION, Andy Lieders, picked up right where he left off from last season. Lieders ripped awesome holeshots throughout the two day national and as the veteran rider he is, rode smart, smooth and clean. With sweeping the day on Saturday, it was a quite impressive start to the season! Congratulations Andy!


Round 1 Lieders: 2nd

Round 2 Lieders: 1st

FINAL: 2nd 🥈


Round 1 Lieders: 1st

Round 2 Lieders: 1st

FINAL: 1st 🥇

Up next: SHAKOPEE SNOCROSS, Canterbury Park, Shakopee, MN January 12-13, 2024

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