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Team LaVallee Heats Things Up in Shakopee🔥

Longville, MN (January 16, 2024) After a few weeks off for the holiday season, the National Snocross Series returned for Rounds 2 and 3 at the “Daytona of Snocross” at Canterbury Park in Shakopee Minnesota. Despite the frigid temps, snow, and winds the stands were packed (indoors and outdoors) for the two-day national and hometown track of Pro rider, Ryley Bester.

In the Pro class, It was back to the triple crown format of racing, which means replacing the typical two rounds, LCQ, and final format and replacing it with three main event style races all 8 minutes plus one lap. Each rider is scored on how they finish in each race and those total numbers give you the top podium riders, the overall lowest score is what is needed for a podium spot. For an example: if you win Round 1 you get 1 point, if you win Round 2 and 3, your total is 3 points and you’d be crowned 1st place. With the Triple Crown format anything can happen but consistency is key overall. 

Friday, PRO Round 2 - Triple Crown Round 1 

To kick things off on Friday, in Triple Crown Round 1, all 15 Pro riders lined up and were ready to put on a great show at Canterbury Park. As the green light went, Peterson and Bester shot out of the gate and had a good start off of the line. Coming into the first corner Peterson was sitting in 5th and Bester in 6th. As the time ticked away at the 8 minute plus one lap final, both riders were searching for smooth lines and finding alternative ways to pass. Peterson ended up an awesome 5th place and Bester took 9th in Round 1.

Triple Crown Round 2

Lining up in the front row of Round 2, both Peterson and Bester had a great start off of the line and came out towards the front of the 15 rider field. In the first lap, Peterson was sitting in the 5th place spot and Bester was up towards Peterson. Going into the first large corner, Bester went off course trying to avoid another rider who had gone down. Bester had re-focused and re-joined the race but was a good lap behind the field. Peterson continued to press on and finished out in the notable 7th place spot and Bester rounded out in 13th.

Triple Crown Round 3

For the final race of the night; Peterson and Bester ripped out of the gates on their Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sleds and again found themselves towards the mid to front of the pack. With the final round of the stacked 8 minutes plus one lap main event; anything goes and the riders pushed every lap. Peterson, who was riding incredibly strong and consistent throughout the day, ended the last race in the excellent 4th place spot and finished out 4th place overall in PRO Round 2. Bester had some tough luck but still was able to finish Round 3 in the 12th place spot and come out overall in 14th at his hometown track in Shakopee.

For Saturday, DAY 2 - ROUND 3 of racing, the temps continued to plummet but that did not stop the riders, as things were heating up track-side.

Saturday, PRO Round 3 - TRIPLE CROWN ROUND 1

Peterson and Bester were looking for a little redemption from the day before in Shakopee and were on the hunt for holeshots, fast lines, and consistent finishes. As the green light went for the first Pro race on Saturday, Peterson and Bester ripped incredible holeshots coming out of the gate on their Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull sleds and Peterson as sitting in the first place spot, with Bester close behind. As the laps flew by, in the 8 min plus 1 lap Round 1 event, Peterson rode an impressively smooth race, while Bester had some adversely and fell back a few spots. With 2-3 laps left to go, the track was changing constantly and Peterson was getting mixed in with lappers, which caused one rider to pass him by but Peterson was still able to hold on to an awesome 2nd place spot!! Bester held consistent and finished out in the 9th place spot.


As the sleds lined up for Round 2 and after what appeared to be a questionable jump on the start and no red flag to restart, it was time to buckle down and go racing. Peterson and Bester both came out mid pack and after charging hard and racing savvy, Peterson was able to finish out Triple Crown Round 2 in the 5th place spot and Bester in 8th.


For the final race of the day in Shakopee, Team LaVallee’s sleds were again ripping off of the line. As the green light went, Bester came tearing out of the gates into the top 4 spot and Peterson came out mid pack. In the grueling cold 8 minute plus 1 lap final, Bester was able to find impressively fast lines and the rookie Pro was riding very confidently. Peterson maintained mid pack and rode his own race looking for fast lines and searching for ways to pass his way up. With 2 minutes left to go, Peterson was sitting in the 9th place spot and Bester in the impressive 3rd. One minute left to go, Bester had one rider get around him, but was still able to finish out in the excellent 4th place spot! Peterson finished out in the 10th place spot in Round 3.

As the tallies were added up; Peterson finished overall Triple Crown Round 3 in the 5th place spot and right behind in 6th place was teammate, Ryley Bester. A consistent and great way to end the final race in Shakopee, Congratulations Adam and Ryley!

Saturday, PRO AM PLUS 30 - ROUND 3

PRO AM Plus 2023 CHAMPION, Andy Lieders, continued his dominate ways in Shakopee. On Saturday, in Pro AM Plus 30, Lieders earned two wins in his qualifying rounds and under the lights Saturday night Lieders was the number one qualifier. Off of the line of the Pro AM Plus 30 final, Lieders was able to rip a nice holeshot, rode a very strong race and finished in a very close second place spot! Congratulations Andy!

Days Of '76 Event Complex, Deadwood, SD - January 26-27, 2024

Photos ©CrystalWallemPhotography

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