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Most Fun Race Ever -🕺 HOW IT WORKS!

Livin LaVallee VLOG - Most Fun Race Ever -🕺 HOW IT WORKS!

Racing is so much fun, but some of the negatives really can zap the good times out of it. After much thought and a few Red Bulls we came up with a "judged race" which leaves nothing but the "Good stuff" of racing! Watch how the Tri 5 was created, the early races, and learn more about the event and what you need to do to come out and try to "out fun" everyone at the Tri 5!

For all details and to register check out- LEVITRI5.COM

All Entry Fees go to Wings for Life. For more information about WINGS FOR LIFE and their mission to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, check out- WWW.WINGSFORLIFE.COM

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