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LaVallee to Appear on National Geographic’s Mountain Movers: Thursday, May 30th

Longville, MN (May 28, 2013) – Team LaVallee’s, co-owner and pro snowmobiler, Levi LaVallee will be appearing on National Geographic’s all-new series, Mountain Movers. Levi will be featured in the upcoming episode, “All Hands on Deck” which will air, this Thursday, May 30th at 8PM ET. (check your local listings) In this episode, the Snow Park Technology crew will be creating the snowmobile courses, the half pipe and the snowboard street course for the 2013 Winter X Games. Be sure to tune in!


Mountain Movers is a new series on the National Geographic Channel that follows Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson and the Snow Park Technologies (SPT) team as they design and build some of the most impressive winter sports projects across the nation. Whether creating a remote private training facility for a high profile athlete, building the perfect halfpipe for the ESPN Winter X Games, or constructing a terrain park at a major winter resort, these larger-than-life snow-sculptors battle the elements to amp up the thrill of snow sports everywhere. Mountain Movers gives a behind-the-scenes look into the world’s biggest, toughest, and most innovative projects on snow. Mountain Movers Show Teaser


Airing: Thursday, May 30, 8:00PM ET

The X Games is equivalent to the Super Bowl for Gunny and the SPT crew. One hundred and fifty of the world’s best snow sports athletes compete in the event, which is broadcast live around the world. This year, Tyrone was in charge of building one of the biggest features that SPT has ever been tasked with creating: the Snowboard Street wallride. Chris leads the entire SPT crew in Aspen and assigns Kurt Eppler to take on the snowmobile course, which requires building two courses within the same location. Frank is in his element working on the pipe, and Aaron starts construction of Snowboard Street with Tyrone. But, Corley has been relegated to helping out everyone when needed. The challenges ensue, including bad weather and equipment breakdowns, as well as a ticking clock from the moment they begin fabrication until the last athlete crosses the finish line.





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