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Longville, MN (March 8, 2022) - Historic Deadwood, South Dakota helped kick off the second half of the 2022 Snocross Season were rounds 9 and 10 took place at the Days of ’76 Rodeo Grounds in the heart of Downtown Deadwood. The Snocross track at Deadwood is built for tight racing, with little room for passing, taking the lead early and ripping out of the gates towards the front was key for this two day National.


Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider and series Fan Favorite, Kyle Pallin was one of the two current riders who have made a Pro appearance at every Deadwood National, and with a podium finish at the Salamanca National just prior, Pallin was eager to take on the tight track in Deadwood. As the weekend kicked off, Pallin started out his qualifying with a 4th and 6th in his respective Pro rounds. Under the lights Friday night, Pallin lined up via the back row of the Round 9 Final and with a tough start Pallin continued to press hard throughout the demanding 28 lap final. As the clock was winding down from the 10 minute plus 2 lap final, Pallin was able to make a couple impressive passes and finished out the Pro Round 9 Final in the 10th place spot.

On Saturday, for Round 10, Pallin started out the day with great qualifying, earning a 2nd and 4th place in his Pro Round 10 qualifying rounds. From the front row of the Pro Round 10 Final, Pallin came out of the gate mid pack and going into the first corner, Pallin got flipped over pushing him to the last place position once he was back up and running on the track. With a rough, tough, and tight track, Pallin had his work cut out for him for the 10 minute plus two lap final. As the race was winding down, Pallin was able to make some great passes and was able to finish out his weekend in Deadwood in the 11th place spot.

Pallin is currently sitting in 7th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Class.


Rookie Pro Rider (and 2021 Pro Lite Champ) Adam Peterson was looking to carry momentum from the New York National after earning his second podium of his Rookie Pro season. Peterson started out the weekend taking a 7th and 5th in his qualifying rounds and with no Pro LCQ (last chance qualifier) Peterson was able to line up in the back row in the Pro Round 9 Final Friday night. As the 10 minute plus 2 lap final started, Peterson made some nice passing and was working his way up through the field. Peterson was sitting in the 9th place spot when a tough off caused his sled to not work at full capacity. With that mechanical issue, Peterson ended his night early and in the 15th place spot in Deadwood.

On Saturday, for Round 10, Peterson had good start to the final day in Deadwood with a 7th and 3rd place finish in his respective qualifying rounds, allowing him to earn a spot in the front row of the Pro Round 10 final, Saturday night. On the line for the Pro Final, Peterson and his Team LaVallee, Polaris, Red Bull snowmobile ripped off of the line and was sitting in the second place spot going into the first corner but coming out of the corner Peterson was forced off the track by a fellow racer and found himself at the back of the pack once he was able to re-enter the race. With much determination and smart riding, Peterson passed his way up to the notable 8th place spot.

Peterson is currently sitting in 10th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Class.


Pro Lite Rider, Ryley Bester was ready to take on the tight track at Deadwood after taking two podium finishes at the race prior in Salamanca, NY. Bester started out the 2 day National with a bang! With earning a 2nd place finish and a win in his qualifying, Bester was the number 1 qualifier for the Pro Lite Round 9 Final. Bester ripped out of the gates for the Pro Lite Round 9 Final and was sitting within the top 5. As the 8 minute plus two lap final went on, Bester continued to put pressure on and with 3 minutes left, passed to the 3rd place spot. Bester continued to find smooth and fast lines and with 2 laps to go, Bester charged hard and as the second place rider made a mistake, Bester was able to capitalize and move into the exciting 2nd place spot. This was Bester’s 3rd straight podium.

“I made a few mistakes early on and it set me back a little bit,” said Bester. “Anson (Scheele) was riding really good that whole race. He kept me on my toes. It was tough out there with all the lappers and snow, but I'm happy to come away with a second place tonight.”

On Saturday, Bester started out Round 10 perfectly. Earning both wins in his qualifying rounds, Bester again, was the Number 1 qualifier for the Pro Lite Round 10 Final in Deadwood. As the Pro Lite riders lined up for their final race of the night and when the green light went, Bester shot out of the gate towards the front of the pack in the 2nd place spot. As the 23 laps went on, Bester continued to find fast lines (despite the massive deep holes) and put tremendous pressure on the first place rider. As the 8 minutes and 2 laps were winding down, Bester continued to fight his way around the first place rider but ended up settling for the impressive 2nd place finish. Bester’s fantastic weekend in Deadwood allowed him to move up into the 3rd place spot overall in the Pro Lite Championship battle.

“It was super tough out there,” said Bester. “The track was pretty rough, but the whoops section made for some really good lines, and I found a good line right away and was catching Evan. He kind of caught on there and then I just couldn't make anything work enough to get around him.”

Bester is currently sitting in 3rd place in 2022 Snocross Pro Lite Class.


Pro AM Plus 30 rider, Andy Lieders did not compete at the Deadwood National, but is scheduled to be back racing for the final 3 races of the 2022 National Season.

Lieders is currently sitting in 5th place overall in the 2022 Snocross Pro Plus 30 Class.

“Super pumped for Ryley Bester and taking not one but two podium finishes in Deadwood! Hoping to see that momentum continue on as we are back racing in Minnesota at ERX Motor Park in Elk River this coming weekend for Snocross Rounds 11 & 12." - Levi LaVallee


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