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Longville, MN (February 26, 2019) – Team LaVallee traveled to the East Coast, where Rounds 11 and 12 of the ISOC National Series took place at the beautiful Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino in Salamanca, New York. The warmer weather and rain made the snow change constantly from lap-to-lap, which made for some challenging but great racing for the riders and added excitement for the huge crowd that packed the stands for the 2-day National.


After ending on a high note at the previous National race in Mt Pleasant, MI – Kyle Pallin was eager for the Salamanca, NY National. On Friday, Round 11 – Pallin was able to make it into the Pro Final via the LCQ. With a back-row start, Pallin was starting to work his way up through the pack when a hard crash with another riders sled, ended Pallin’s night early. With shortness of breath from the impact of the sled landing on Pallin, he went in for X-Rays and a CT Scan to confirm that no ribs where broken, just bruised. He was cleared to race for Saturday. For Round 12, Saturday racing, Pallin’s goal was to be as smooth as he could throughout the day. Pallin took a 2nd and 4th in his qualifying rounds and qualified in the 6th place spot for the Pro Round 12 Final. Off of the line, Pallin had a mid-pack start, but rode hard, and consistent taking home a notable 8th place position!


Evan Daudt had a great weekend of racing in New York! On Friday, Round 11 – Daudt made it into the Pro Lite Final, by winning the LCQ. Coming from the back round in the Round 11 Pro Lite Final, Daudt finished with an impressive 9th place position. On Saturday, Round 12 – Daudt won his first qualifier and set himself up for a great position on the line of the Pro Lite Final. Daudt had mid-pack start but worked his way up to an excellent 5th place finish rounding out the weekend in Salamanca!


Adam Peterson had excellent qualifying rounds in Salamanca! With earning 2nd and 4th place finishes on Friday and 2nd and 3rd place finishes on Saturday, Peterson was able to make it into both of his Pro Lite finals in the front row. On Friday, Round 11 – Peterson had an excellent start but a tough off caused Peterson to fall back and finished Friday out in the 11th place position. On Saturday, Round 12 – Peterson again had a great start and was riding smooth and consistent when a hard off caused Peterson to fall back and finished out the weekend in the 12th place spot.

Up Next: Dubuque, Iowa National / March 8-9

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Round 11 – RD1: 4th, RD2: 8th LCQ: 2nd FINAL: 14th

Round 12 – RD 1: 2nd, RD2: 4th, LCQ: — FINAL: 8th


Round 11 – RD1: 7th, RD2: 5th, LCQ: 1st FINAL: 9th

Round 12 – RD 1: 1st, RD2: 4th, LCQ: — FINAL: 5th


Round 11 – RD1: 2nd, RD2: 6th, LCQ: — FINAL: 11th

Round 12 – RD 1: 3rd, RD2: 3rd, LCQ: — FINAL: 12th

Photos ©CrystalWallemPhotography

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