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Lieders Tops the Podium in Lake Geneva Finale

Longville, MN (March 19, 2014) – The final race of the season brought us to the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The Lake Geneva Finale has been noted for having the largest and best race tracks of the season and this year, it did not disappoint. The track consisted of a huge up hill start, followed but 3 down hill sections and a technical whoop section. It was a crowd-pleasing weekend with year-end points battles going on, each race and each finish counted to see which rider would end up on top.

The Lake Geneva Finale was a 3-day race weekend for the Pro’s, a first in the ISOC national series, while Pro Lite competed on just Saturday and Sunday. The highlight from the weekend was Pro Lite rider, Kyle Pallin securing his 3rd place overall points standings for the 2013/2014 Race Season with great finishes throughout the weekend. Rookie Pro Rider, Jake Scott had an impressive weekend with good qualifying and making it into each final. Scott finished out the season in 11th place overall. Team LaVallee’s co-owner and Pro rider, Levi LaVallee placed 10th overall for this season. LaVallee missed racing Round 2 and the Final on Sunday afternoon, after a tough off in Round 1. LaVallee went to a nearby ER for an examination and found a punctured lung and fractured ribs. LaVallee was released from the hospital on Monday and is expected to return to riding within a couple of weeks.

Pro Lite Rider, Andy Lieders had a perfect day of racing on Saturday, sweeping his qualifiers and taking the top spot on the podium in the Pro Lite #1 Final. Going into Sunday, Lieders was sitting 3rd overall in the Pro Lite Points standings, but after a tough crash in Round 1, Lieders was unable to compete the rest of the day. Lieders finished the year at an excellent overall 5th place.

“It’s been a great year for Team LaVallee. We learned a lot and each rider steadily improved throughout the season and our sleds kept getting stronger. I am so proud of the entire team on another awesome season in the books. Looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store for us!” – Levi LaVallee (Co-Owner/Racer, Team LaVallee)


Pro Round 15, 16, 17(LaVallee)

Round 1: 6th Round 2: 5th LCQ: 3rd Final: 10th

Round 1: 5th Round 2: 6th LCQ: — Final:13th

Round 1: 8th Round 2: DNS LCQ: — Final: —

Pro Round 15, 16, 17 (Pallin)

Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 4th

Round 1: 1st Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 7th

Round 1: 1st Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 4th

Pro Round 15, 16, 17 (Scott)

Round 1: 5th Round 2: 4th LCQ: — Final: 9th

Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 7th LCQ: — Final: 11th

Round 1: 6th Round 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 13th

Pro Lite #1 & #2 (Lieders)

Round 1: 1st Round 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 1st

Round 1: 2nd Round 2: DNS LCQ: — Final: —


Kyle Pallin: Breakout Star Award

Kyle Pallin: Pro Open 3rd / Levi LaVallee: Pro Open 10th / Jake Scott: Pro Open 11th / Andy Lieders: Pro Lite 5th


Episode 15: Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale April 6, 2014 @ 10:00 AM ET / CBS Sports Network

Episode 16: Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale April 6, 2014 @ 10:30 AM ET / CBS Sports Network

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